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  • Jason Hesley

SLAUGHTERSUN Release "Fall of the Firmament"

Death metal quartet SLAUGHTERSUN present their first ferocious offering, "Fall of the Firmament". Brutal riffs, aggressive vocals and unrelenting percussion produces an unstoppable force as the track displays their lament for the miserable collapse of an ever sinking world.

Ben Karas comments on "Fall of the Firmament": 

"Lyrically this song combines the lore of the Nephilim, which are a race of giant angels rumored to be responsible for the great flood, and pits that dynamic against the tech age and the giant names of that industry mimicking the decadence and ugliness that brought about the end times."


Drawing musical, lyrical and creative influences from the likes of DEMILICH, GORGUTS, CANNIBAL CORPSE and AT THE GATES, to name a few, SLAUGHTERSUN create their own take on the death metal subgenre. Band founder Ben Karas initially began writing for SLAUGHTERSUN back in 2017, but it wasn't until 2022 that Karas was able to fully dedicate time and energy into the band. The band's line-up soon came together comprised of Karas' THANK YOU SCIENTIST band mate Cody McCorry, along with Jason Quinones (TOMBSTONER) and Justin Hillman (CRANIAL DAMAGE). In 2023, SLAUGHTERSUN began to rehearse and record in their full form and soon turned to preparing their debut "Fall of the Firmament". 

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