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  • Jason Hesley

Slaamaskin is set to release their third album "Trollveggen" on September 14!

Norwegian metal band Slaamaskin is set to release their third album "Trollveggen" on September 14, 2023, featuring an intense blend of metal, hardcore, and alt-metal crossover. The album, filled with satirical commentary on Western society, will be available digitally and as a limited edition vinyl.

Born in the rugged landscapes of Norway, Slaamaskin has mastered the art of unpredictability in their music. Each track from the upcoming "Trollveggen" offers a unique blend of metal, hardcore, metalcore, and alt-metal crossover, yet all are fused by their distinct sound and the Norwegian Sunnmøre dialect's hard consonants and rolling R's.

Borne out of the turmoil of the COVID-era, what started as an EP transformed into a full-on album. After some expert tweaks and edits, all ten tracks came out stronger than ever, resonating with Slaamaskin's unique energy and intensity.

>From the first single, "Forfall," featuring a unique stop-motion lyric video, to the soon-to-be-released "Krenkeveldet," with a high-definition live video, each step of Slaamaskin's journey reflects their satirical take on the state of modern Western society. Their lyrics, imbued with an understanding of today's echo chambers and cancel cultures, reflect the wisdom that comes with experience.

The lineup boasts the gripping vocals of Rolf Oldeide, the rhythmic beats of Jostein Henanger on drums, the resonating bass of Arvid Grov, and the electrifying guitar licks from Kåre Helleve and Jan-Helge Bergesen.

Working with the underground studio prodigy, Dag Erik Nygård at Bergen Lydstudio, all tracks were expertly mixed, mastered, and engineered. The drums were captured at The Tune Park Studio in Bergen, while strings and vocals were recorded at Bergen Lydstudio. The album stands as a testament to their dedication, resilience, and unyielding desire to challenge genre boundaries.

So, mark your calendars! "Trollveggen" will storm the stage on the 14th of September, 2023, under the label 'A Production'. It will be available across all digital platforms, as well as a limited-edition black vinyl (180gr) in select stores from the 7th of September.

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