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  • Jason Hesley

Slôdder release A Mind Designed to Destroy Beautiful Things!

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

Recorded from start to finish in just 19 and a half hours at Sweden’s Studio Underjord with the great Joona Hassinen, “A Mind Designed to Destroy Beautiful Things” was produced live and raw, with the intention of capturing the sheer power, energy and bestial emotion you encounter from Slôdder at a live gig. Continuous noise, no pause, no rest, left intentionally rough and unpolished as life itself can be. 

Make no mistake, there’s method in the madness and Slôdder’s misanthropic sludge gets some top-notch production with each member playing a huge part in the success of the Slôdder sound which can only be described as bludgeoning, hard core sludge, precariously traversing the world of the living and the dead giving toxic levels of destitute soul wreckage somewhere between “who gives a fuck” and “fuck around and find out.” Majestic Mountain Records has been entranced by Slôdder’s wicked ways from the get-go and chose the latter and decided to sign the band for the release of their second full-length album “A Mind Designed to Destroy Beautiful Things”. 

If you're looking for a band to deliver a raw and noisy sludge, look no further than Slôdder. “A Mind Designed to Destroy Beautiful Things” is a gritty and pummeling experience from start to end, with plenty of nasty and groovy riffs to keep you locked in.

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