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  • Jason Hesley

Skulls of Death Unveil Their Bone-Chilling Second Single "Carnival of Death"

Fans of Brutal Death Fuck, Webb Of Deceit, and Never Reborn will find "Carnival of Death" a perfect addition to their playlists. The song's haunting lyrics and sinister atmosphere depict a terrifying journey into the abyss. The protagonist, faced with an imminent black void outside their door, is drawn into a macabre scene where a group of psychos sets themselves ablaze in front of the devil himself. This vivid and eerie "Carnival of Death" showcases the intense and powerful atmosphere that Skulls of Death is known for.

Skulls of Death consists of Sebastian Mounla, a 10-year-old metalhead, and his father, Zachary Moonshine. Sebastian, who writes and performs the vocals, has had a lifelong passion for metal music. Zachary, responsible for guitar and all other instrumentation, is a renowned figure in the metal community through his work with Metal Devastation Radio, Metal Devastation PR, and the Tennessee Metal Devastation Music Festival.

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