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  • Jason Hesley

Skallbank Launches 10th Anniversary Celebrations with New Single "Det var en gang"

In October 2024, Skallbank, the Scandi/Action rock ensemble hailing from the enigmatic woods of Sweden, will celebrate a significant milestone: ten years of passionate music-making. Commemorating this decade of dedication, the band has embarked on an ambitious project to release one song each month over the course of ten months, starting today with their inaugural track, "Det var en gang".

Since their formation, Skallbank has been synonymous with a relentless work ethic and a fervent commitment to their craft. The band's lineup, featuring Andreas Tömte on vocals, Rickard Fäldt wielding the lead guitar, Mats Lindström on guitar, Andreas Jonsson on bass, and Joakim Henriksson on the drums, has been instrumental in carving out a distinct niche within the rock genre.

Stay tuned for each monthly release and become part of Skallbank's ongoing legacy in the world of music.

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