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  • Jason Hesley

Sinyells Releases New Track "Freedom"

Sinyells, a prominent player in today's modern metal scene, has released their latest single "Freedom." With influences ranging from Pantera's driving force to Meshuggah's technical proficiency and Fear Factory's industrial undertones, "Freedom" stands as a testament to the band's versatility and commitment to musical innovation.

The track moves with groove-laden rhythms and a robust foundation, provided by drums and bass that work in seamless union. The vocals add an extra layer of emotional depth, elevating "Freedom" beyond a mere sonic experience to an emotive journey.

"Freedom" reflects Sinyells' meticulous attention to musical dynamics and underscores their relentless pursuit to push modern metal into new domains. The single is available across all major music platforms, inviting listeners into a genre-defying odyssey that amalgamates elements from metal's past, present, and future.

"With a distinct blend of Pantera's unbridled energy, Meshuggah's intricate complexity, and Fear Factory's industrial grit, we believe 'Freedom' encapsulates the essence of what Sinyells is all about."

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