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  • Jason Hesley

Signs Preyer release 'III'

Signs Preyer's "III", was born after Eric (second guitarist) left the band after 10 years of activity. The Signs Preyer then from a quartet becomes a trio. As soon as Eric left the band, perhaps transported by the sense of revenge or to make up for the pain, the trio immediately produced 5 unreleased songs. They brought live a couple of these, joining them to a rearrangement of the old songs of the other 2 albums, given the lack of a guitar than before. The feedback of the new trio line-up seemed to be even more welcome than the previous quartet and hundreds of congratulations from the audience encouraged the band, always very close to his fans. The other 5 tracks were not long in coming, but unfortunately, the Covid 19 slowed the process of realization moving the release to 12 November 2022. Another factor that slowed down production was that Signs Preyer wanted a record that was as authentic as possible and so they decided to record it live, except for the vocals, solos and some reinforcement. But the heart of the album is undoubted that it was recorded live, so at a minimum and tiny error of a single component, the song had to be played again. In this album, they tried to get out of all the schemes they had previously explored, trying to give rise to a new sound of the new line-up.

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