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  • Jason Hesley

Shrapnel Storm's new single, "The Only Snake Here Is You"

Finnish death metal purveyors Shrapnel Storm are back, and they're hitting harder and faster than ever with their new single, "The Only Snake Here Is You." Released through Great Dane Records, this single serves as a fierce prelude to their forthcoming third full-length album, "Silo," slated to drop on October 6.

Shrapnel Storm has long been revered for their mastery of mid-tempo death metal, enriched with thrash elements that crank up the speed and groove. This signature sound has drawn comparisons to genre titans like Bolt Thrower, Obituary, and Six Feet Under. But with "The Only Snake Here Is You," they're stepping outside their mid-tempo comfort zone. Guitarist Tohtori Makitalo describes the single as an adrenaline-pumping affair, packed with speed, danger, and—yes—snakes.

The band—consisting of Ville Yrjola on vocals, Aki Laaksola and Tohtori Makitalo on guitars, Henri Leppanen on bass, and Mikko Orava on drums—has gone all-in with the recording process. From the in-your-face mixing and mastering by Daniel Rantanen at Danko Tones / JR Audio studios to the striking cover and booklet design by Ville Yrjola, every detail has been meticulously crafted.

The single will be available for streaming on all major platforms, while the album "Silo" is already available for pre-order at

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