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  • Jason Hesley

SHODAN: Polish death metallers to release new album "None Shall Prevail" in May!

This May, Time To Kill Records will release "None Shall Prevail", the brooding third LP from Polish death metallers SHODAN, today issuing the cover art, track listing, preorders, and the volatile lead single, “Tamed in Unison”. Watch the video HERE. SHODAN delivers the follow-up to their 2020-released album "Death, Rule Over Us" with "None Shall Prevail", an album of towering, progressive, dark death metal with hammering, crawling grooves, refined and escalating riffs, and lurching, calculated chord progressions. "None Shall Prevail" will be released on CD and digital formats through Time To Kill Records on May 5th 2023. Tracklist:

1. Tamed in unison 2. Despair Snares 3. Demortality 4. Ethos 5. Staring Back at The Abyss 6. Lords 7. Nicość Wiekuista 8. Nighttime Violators 9. None Shall Prevail Pre-orders:

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