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  • Jason Hesley

Shadow Legion release self-titled album!

Rising from the smoldering ashes of some of Metal's fiercest flames, SHADOW LEGION ascends to claim their inevitable destiny amongst the Metal elite! Founded by Brian Malone (original lead guitarist and songwriter of Tampa, Florida legends DIABOLIC), bassist Dan Venturino (ex-LETHAL PRAYER) and vocalist Kyle Healy (ex-DREADETH), compositions were completed, and the percussive talents of Alex Cohen** (current MALIGNANCY drummer, ex-PYRRHON) were employed to capture the relentless yet musically diverse creations. Guitarist Eric Hersemann* (founding and current sole songwriter of abstract extremists GIGAN, ex-DIABOLIC, ex-HATE ETERNAL) finalized the ensemble, infusing his insight and distinctive lead style. However, due to logistical impossibilities, Eric is no longer a member of SHADOW LEGION: he will be focusing his time and energy into the ongoing success of GIGAN. SHADOW LEGION's debut album sees this formidable line-up maximizing their talents in ways yet unheard-of by the Metal masses; displaying epic song structures permeated with darkness, tasteful technical proficiency and an overall sense of foreboding and dread...punctuated by dizzying leads and a varied clean and aggressive vocal attack. All of these seemingly at-odds approaches combine into one cohesive, unstoppable, memorable and engaging creative force! Prepare yourself and pledge your allegiance to SHADOW LEGION! - Shadow Legion

About the Album

Black metal has long been known as a genre that isn't afraid of innovation or experimentation, so it should come as no surprise when a band works it into death metal and throws in a bunch of progressive heavy metal elements. While not surprising, this type of genre bending doesn't always work and can come across as disjointed or forced, luckily for us Shadow Legion is essentially a supergroup and is made up of various industry legends with years of collective experience and they know what they are doing.

The band features ex members of Diabolic, Phyrron, Hate Eternal and Lethal Prayer, as well as current members of Malignancy and Gigan. Collectively there's more extreme metal experience and power here than many bands will ever achieve and they put it to good use with their debut. Furious drum work, captivating leads, varied powerful vocals and masterful songwriting are all on full display throughout Shadow Legion. All of this is made that much more impactful by the dichotomy achieved between the epic clean vocals and the raw, biting harsh vocals. Each track shows diversity and range as it moves back and forth between extreme metal territory and heavy metal as if it isn't even a genre change. So, listen to the album today because of the power of the names involved, but come back again and again for the stellar music. The band are also currently booking live shows to promote the album, so keep an eye out for your closest show and experience the power of Shadow Legion live.

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