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  • Jason Hesley

Seventh Wonder Announce New Album Reissues Set For Release On September 15!

Swedish Progressive Metal masters Seventh Wonder have announced the upcoming release of reissues of the long-out-of-print first four studio albums: BECOME, WAITING IN THE WINGS, MERCY FALLS, and THE GREAT ESCAPE. All the four reissues will be released with new liner notes, written by the band, included in the CD booklets and, for the first time, they will be available in vinyl limited editions exclusive for the official Frontiers webshops and Scandinavia.

Seventh Wonder and Frontiers are happy to collect all pieces of the band’s history for these newly expanded reissues. Band member Andreas Blomqvist went through old notes and photos in the band’s own archives to jog their memories to ultimately share previously unknown stories about the songs, the writing process and the recording of these seminal Seventh Wonder albums.

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