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  • Jason Hesley

Seventh Dimension Releases Debut Single "The Great Unknown"

Seventh Dimension, hailing from Sweden, is set to release their latest album, "Of Hope & Ordeals", on June 21, 2024. Known for their intricate blend of progressive metal and rock, Seventh Dimension continues to evolve their sound while staying true to their roots. The album reflects a new chapter for the band, marked by the addition of lead vocalist Markus Tälth and a more collaborative songwriting approach.

"Of Hope & Ordeals" is a vibrant mix of symphonic elements, soaring melodies, and some of the heaviest music the band has ever produced. Influenced by legendary acts like Dream Theater, Opeth, and Symphony X, the album offers a rich tapestry of emotions and themes. The first five tracks feature deeply personal lyrics, drawn from the band members' experiences over the past year, culminating in a 25-minute epic that showcases their classic storytelling style.

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