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  • Jason Hesley

SEUM (Bass only sludge band from Montreal) - New Album DOUBLE DOUBLE Out on February 2nd!

After the unexpected success of our debut album - Winterized - praised for its powerful dark tone and fuzzy heaviness, we are stepping out of our comfort zone to present a different and way more aggressive side of our bass and drums formula.

Double Double is fed on the experience we gathered during our live shows across France and Canada for the last 2 years.

We added fast punk inspired riffs and groovy doom breakdowns to our dark blend of Doom’N’Bass.

We also opted for a warmer and more open production than our debut, we have been helped by the legendary John Golden (Melvins, Sleep, Weedeater) on mastering to shape the tone of what we think are our most complex (Razorblade Rainbow, Seum Noir) and catchiest (Torpedo, Snow Bird) songs to date.

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