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SERIOUS BLACK are announcing their re-scheduled “Kings Today Tour”

SERIOUS BLACK are announcing their re-scheduled “Kings Today Tour” dates for late 2021 and beginning of 2022. It should have happened in 2020 – it’ll happen when this Covid-dilemma is finally over! New dates – “Kings Today Tour”: 24.11.21 (ES) Barcelona, Sala Boveda 25.11.21 (ES) Madrid, Sala Rockville 26.11.21 (ES) Vitoria, Urban Rock Concept 27.11.21 (ES) Valldolid, Porta Caeli 28.11.21 (ES) Vigo, Sala Master 26.01.22 (HU) Budapest, Barba Negra 27.01.22 (AT) Salzburg, Rockhouse 28.01.22 (DE) Selb, Rockclub 29.01.22 (DE) Stuttgart, Club Zentral 30.01.22 (DE) Saabrücken, Garage 31.01.22 (CH) Pratteln, Z7 01.02.22 (FR) Paris, Le Cirque Electric 02.02.22 (BE) Bilzen, Sound Of Heaven 03.02.22 (DE) Bremen, Tivoli 04.02.22 (NL) Tilburg, Little Devil 05.02.22 (DE) Monheim Am Rhein, Sojus 7 06.02.22 (DE) Bochum, Rockpalast 08.02.22 (DE) Hamburg, Marx 09.02.22 (DE) Frankfurt, Nachtleben 10.02.22 (DE) Berlin, Privatclub 11.02.22 (CZ) Prag, Nova Chmelnice 12.02.22 (DE) Leipzig, Hellraiser 13.02.22 (DE) München, Backstage Early this year the band proudly presented their highly anticipated fourth studio album "Suite 226". And that have stirred the Power Metal community´s blood. Unlike "Mirrorworld" and "Magic", which are much more Hardrock, "Suite 226" features more driving guitars, catchy hooks and finest riffing, as you know it from "As Daylight Breaks". After "Magic", which is a concept album about the story of mysterious Mr. Nightmist, a witch and a lot of magic, this time "Suite 226" also tells a complete narrative of a mentally confused man who is torned between his own dreamworld, reality and the evil. In real life the protagonist has been held captive for many years in this dismal, cold padded cell number 226, the inhuman condition of the rotten psychiatry have driven him to total distraction. In his imagination he is the mighty king who lives in his feudal castle, surrounded by courtesans, good food and wine, commands an invincible army. Staggering between illusion and reality, he continues to be drawn into the maelstrom of madness, his life becomes a ride through purgatory, accompanied by demons, anxiety attacks and paranoia. SERIOUS BLACK takes the listener on a musically journey between heaven and hell, "Suite 226" is the perfect soundtrack for this trip to the place of damnation. Ruthless riffs meets catchy melodies, driven by a manic rhythm section, Urban Breed´s top-rated unleashed vocals add the necessary amount of insanity. After listening to this dervish of an album one may ask oneself what actually fiction is, and what is reality. And who knows, after that you may also hear these soft voices in your head. Don´t say nobody warned you!

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