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  • Jason Hesley

Serbian old school death metal band Light Denied released a debut EP!

Light Denied is a Serbian Death Metal Band which was originally formed in 2011, after years of inactivity and hold-ups it was reformed in 2022. Self titled debut EP is released on streaming services via Inverse Records and it can be heard here: The band comments: "The EP was recorded during 2022, consisting of 2 older rerecorded songs (Light Denied and No Pity for the Weak) and 2 newer never before recorded ones (Brooding Shadows and Wither). We are currently focused on rehearsing and preparing our next songs. Might go for some gigs as well. Special thanks to Maledictor for mastering and mixing our EP, Vhan artworks & printing for the cover as well as a few others that helped us get the release ready." BIOGRAPHY: "Light Denied is a Death Metal band that was formed by Alex Sindjelic and recorded their first demo in 2011. The first stable lineup organized a couple of gigs in Belgrade in 2012 and went on a mini tour through Austria and Slovenia in 2013 after which the band went on hold. Over the years Alex tried numerous times to continue working with the band but had issues with finding a more stable lineup until 2022. EP - Light Denied was recorded and released in November 2022 and the band is working on rehearsing newer material.

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