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  • Jason Hesley

Serbian Black Metal combo KOLAC release new video, "Monsieur De La Nuit"

Serbian Black Metal combo KOLAC released a new visualizer video for one of their new tracks, "Monsieur De La Nuit" now streaming here:

"Monsieur De La Nuit" is featured on the band's most recent advance promo material released on the 12th of May in collaboration with Pest Records and available for free streaming and download here:

Here's the band's statement on "Monsieur De La Nuit": ""Monsieur de la Nuit" is yet another early example of what is to be found on the full album later on. Though musically less of a kick in the teeth than "Eppur Si Muove", it strikes with more of a dark linear melody approach. Designed to instill fear into the lone wanderer, the track blazes through the true case of a French murderer from the 18th century who ended up being burned at the stake. Thus, it falls within the loose concept of using Kolac (the stake in Serbian language) as means of punishment."

As was the case with the first visualizer ("Eppur si Muove" -, this time again it was Steve Thomas-Green of Digital Media Solutions responsible for creating the visuals.

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