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  • Jason Hesley

SEQUESTRUM Release Debut EP "Pickled Preservation"

Copenhagen death grind unit SEQUESTRUM (featuring members of CHAOTIAN and UNDERGANG) have officially unleashed their debut EP, Pickled Preservation. Featuring 7 furious offerings of extreme filth (including a cover of Impetigo’s “Dis-Organ-Ized”), Pickled Preservation is out now on Extremely Rotten Productions.

The EP was tracked at Mayhem Studios in Copenhagen, Denmark, and was mixed and mastered by J. B. Hviid. The follow-up to the band’s 2021 demo, Pickled Preservation presents a clearer, more refined production, though still horribly soaked in sonic sewage.

Get the digital edition at Get the EP on cassette and CD at


01. Giblet Excreter

02. Preserved to Last

03. Necromucouphagia

04. Guts

05. Consigned to Humus

06. Human Broth

07. Dis-Organ-Ized (Impetigo tribute)

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