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SEPULCHRAL VOICE launches brutal post-pandemic full concert!

The Old School Death/Thrashers from Minas Gerais, Brazil, SEPULCHRAL VOICE, have uploaded on their official YouTube channel ( their full performance on December 11th at United Underground #3: MOFO SICK Fest, at CIrculo Operário do Cruzeiro, in BrasIlia/DF, together with the bands Os Minhocas, Terrorcídio, Isaurian, Prollogy, Beholders Cult, No Breath, Vomitation and MOFO.

In this event, the first after two years of pandemic, the band didn't count with the drummer Lelio "Metralha" Gustavo who was recovering from a surgery, being replaced temporarily by Eternal Fall drummer, and long-time friend, Luiz Toledo.

Watch the show in its entirety at: Stage Audio Capture: Ed (ME Estudio) Audio Capture and Treatment for Mix/Mastering: Rafael Giraldi (TEXAS Estudio) Filming: Rhavi Santos and Joao Paulo Mancha Direction, General Production and Editing: Joao Paulo Mancha (Convergencia Social - @convergenciasocialoficial)

"Particularly for me, this show was one of the best I've ever played! Excellent organization, very good sound system, and an insane crowd thirsty to enjoy a lot of violent music", commented Pepe Salomão (bass) "The crowd had a contagious energy! It was a challenge for us, because we hadn't rehearsed together for two years due to the pandemic, and we also had the problem of Lelio being recently operated, but our friend Luiz Toledo took care of everything! It was a big challenge, but it was overcome with ease! Thanks to Joao Paulo Mancha for the invitation and for the professional and impeccable organization", commented Harley Senra (vocal). "We had excellent equipment and quality technicians available for this event. Professionalism above all and the show was excellent, with the audience rocking a lot, literally killing each other 'friendly' with much respect in front of the stage", commented Luiz Sepulchral (guitar).

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