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Sense of Justice release the album "Young At Heart"

WTF Records present Sense of Justice’s fourth album, Young At Heart, out on 08 April 2022 on CD and digital formats.

Active since 1996, Sense of Justice has stayed true-hearted to old-school hardcore throughout their existence and is dead set to continue the future journey the same way. Always passionate about the scene and dedicated to their fans, the Austrian crew churns out high-powered performances in studios and gigs, and their penchant for fast-paced destruction is clearly apparent on the four full-lengths (including the new Young At Heart album).

Sense of Justice maintained a constant lineup for over two decades till the departure of the founding member Wello, who had to quit the group in 2020 due to medical issues. Stefan Kerschbaumer, who replaced Wello on guitars, eventually proved himself a worthy substitute, upholding an ideal spirit and bringing new ideas. His inclusion is also one of the reasons behind recording a new album after a break of 16 long years.

As the title hints, the new record, Young At Heart, is a sworn statement of SOJ’s vigor as a relentless bulldozer and endurance as a group. The Lower Austria dynamite shows no sign of abating their strength on this album. They rather aspired to reach the next level, evolving as a band. Pumping with fiery riffs while expressing personal feelings, the songs on the album attest that SOJ is still young at heart and cruising after all these years.

Hear from the band:

The album (as well as the title track) is called ‘Young At Heart’ — and this exactly describes the way we feel. Although we’re getting older, and life and many other circumstances have changed, we still feel young at heart. SOJ is not only about music, it’s also about friendship (e.g., the song ‘Pals For A Lifetime’ deals with that topic), and every time we come together as a band and friends, we have the feeling that nothing has changed since we were much younger.

“Of course, the album deals with many other topics as well. E.g., the song ‘Roadcrew’ is dedicated to our fans and friends who have supported us over the years and have accompanied us to many gigs all over the place.

“With our new album, we want to show that SOJ is still alive (‘Still Alive’ being the opener of the album) and has come back stronger and better than ever.”

Track Listing:

01. Still Alive

02. Stand Up

03. Roadcrew

04. Pals For A Lifetime

05. Jealousy

06. Days Like This

07. No Way Out

08. Young At Heart

09. On The Road

10. Matter Of Opinion

11. Quit It

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