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  • Jason Hesley

Selvajaria Records proudly presents the new album fromthe portuguese CRUST veterans: KONAD!

KONAD are a portuguese crust metalish band, playing extreme music since 1996 with 3 studio albuns.

The forthcoming album "The Last Day " is a smash to your ears with 11 breaking neck songs, 27 min of fast and furious sonic discharge like the old days of Extreme Noise Terror and Skitsystem with a metallic vibe on it.

11 songs of pure metalish crust

Total running time: 26:51

01 The Last Day

02 I'm the Enemy

03 Alien Punks

04 Born to Die

05 Hell's Door

06 Noctis Umbrae

07 Devotees of Idolatry

08 Broken Promises

09 Rise from the Dead

10 Ultimate Aggression

11 No Authority

Listen the single "The Last Day"

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