• Jason Hesley

SELF EXPOSED EXILE present the track, "ANCHOR"

Self Imposed Exile is a progressive blackened death metal band from a hole in the wall town called Streator, Illinois in the United States. It has been a band officially since 2016. That year marked when shows were starting to be played. The songs themselves were written between 2010-current. Nick Moreno, Mark Garcia and James (Frank) Lapore wrote the majority of the material in a garage, sealed from the world.

Dave DeMoss joined in 2014 to play bass and learned the material and added his own spin on them. We had a vocalist by the name of Kris Greenfield work with us from 2016-2017, but then he went his own path. The band had no vocalist until Tristan Kostman became the front man of the project in 2019, and thus has written the majority of the lyrics for the songs. The group has a variety of background, musically speaking, and this is apparent in our play styles.

Black metal is a heavy influence on us, and one thing is common: The philosophy that follows our name sake. The idea of a Self Imposed Exiled individual is none other then the path of the hermit. One who chooses to better themselves for the sake of their craft. Shutting ourselves off from the world to become better and more then we are yesterday. This requires an extreme ideology of not only criticism from others, but also creativity. This idea follows a strict self discipline to perfect our craft, even though this is never truly achievable, since there will always be more to learn. It is not a path of nobility, but of humility.

The goal is never to be better than someone else, but to be better then ourselves, and only ourselves were before. This, applied to a group setting, is the ideal, since together we strive to be as cohesive and collected as possible while performing, as well professionally.

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