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  • Jason Hesley

SEEP / STENCH COLLECTOR: US death metal hordes release new 7" vinyl edition of latest split EP!

Dawnbreed Records (Europe) and Gurgling Gore (North America) are proud to reissue the latest split EP between SEEP and STENCH COLLECTOR on 7" vinyl format. The EP was originally released in tape format in early 2023. This brand new vinyl edition is now available in a limited pressing of 300 blue / 200 black. The STENCH COLLECTOR track is the final recorded output from the duo. Sadly, the band's guitarist/vocalist Mark Pechack passed away unexpectedly last year before he could see this split come into fruition. As Mark would have wanted, it is released now in his honor. SEEP / STENCH COLLECTOR collaborations are just one piece of what keeps the wide machine that is the underground of metal churning at all times without exception. Some groups manage to come together to form great behemoths of works together while others put on small performances that many might dismiss for no particular reason. In every given sense, what both SEEP and STENCH COLLECTOR have brought forth for this excursion does not deserve the latter tragedy. Contributing one piece each, both of these forces show a clear understanding inside and out of their particular veins of death metal to a vicious degree so much so that STENCH COLLECTOR's voracious death metal mixes with SEEP's focused but savage death-doom incredibly well, each piece sinking their meaty and jagged hooks into the flesh of the listener right from the get-go. A union of undeath in a form undeniable, this is a split that is immensely brief but nonetheless wildly effective! There are many visions of what a conjoined front of death purveyors can deliver when working in tandem with SEEP and STENCH COLLECTOR putting forth an offering that reminds us how it's done in a maddening display. Tracklist:

1. Stench Collector - Daemon Rat Onanism 2. Seep - Arcane Torture

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