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  • Jason Hesley

SEDATE ILLUSION release the single “Stars”

Sedate Illusion is a full band of Vangelis Kakarougkas (ex-member of Kinetic and ex-member of Equal Vector), Anastasios Kibizis (Guitars), Vangelis Glavinas (Bass), and Andreas Alamanos (Drums).It initiated back in 2004 , as a project at first and then it became a full band.

After 5 full-album releases, the new homonymous album of Sedate Illusion is ready!

The album is split between two EP’s, because of the nature of the songs.

The first EP “Time is not the End” feels more “progressive” style with more upbeat and easy listening songs.

The second EP “Black Untold” is darker and depressing, conveying a great sense of loneliness and fear of dying or getting lost in the chaotic abyss of anxiety and anguish.

Release Date 07-09-2022

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