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  • Jason Hesley

SCULFORGE Unleashes New Single and Video "Far Away From Home"

SCULFORGE, the high-speed power metal band, has released a special pre-Christmas treat for their fans. Following the success of their debut album "Intergalactic Battle Tunes" in June, the quartet has now unveiled a new, previously unreleased track titled "Far Away From Home." This latest single is available on all streaming platforms, accompanied by a video on the MDD YouTube channel.

The band shares their excitement about the new track: "The song hit it really hard on the head and not singing along is no longer possible after the first chorus at the latest. The gas pedal to the floor and all holes well sealed! The next ride goes backwards! Cheers! The song is about how Sculforge celebrate Christmas. They enter your place, drink all your beer and the pile you find in your litter box the next morning.... Might be a bit too big for a cat."

"Far Away From Home" is a testament to SCULFORGE's unique style and energy, promising to be an instant hit with fans. The band invites listeners to join in the fun and experience their unconventional take on Christmas celebrations.

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