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  • Jason Hesley

SCORCHED EARTH and MUSIC-RECORDS sign together for the release of "The Day of the Damned" album!

SCORCHED EARTH and MUSIC-RECORDS team up to release debut album "The Day of the Damned


Scordched Earth are a Death Metal band from Toulouse, France. Their music is influenced by renowned bands such as Hate Eternal, Death and Morbid Angel, which is reflected in their brutal and technical sound.


The band will release their debut album entitled 'The Day of the Damned' on 7 June 2024 on the Music-Records label. The album promises to be a demonstration of their talent and passion for the genre, offering Death Metal fans an intense and immersive experience. Don't hesitate to follow Scordched Earth to keep up to date with their news and the release of their new album.


"The Day of the Damned" will be released on 7 June 2024 on Music-Records. The album will soon be available for pre-order on the Music-Records shop.

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