• Jason Hesley

Scars Remain present "Rabbit Hole!"

Scars Remain is a Hard Rock band from Charlotte, NC. Even with plenty of experience under their belts, they still play with the same energy as when they first got together, continuously solidifying their foothold in the North Carolina scene.

Scars Remain was formed in 2017 by Travis Keziah (Vocals) and Kyle Spidel (Guitar), who previously worked together prior to a musical hiatus. After reconnecting, they went full speed ahead and brought in Jason “Animal” Evans as their drummer, whom Travis worked with in the past, and Andy Allen to crush it on the bass. With influences ranging from Alice and Chains and STP, to Metallica and Bullet For My Valentine, they came out swinging with driving riffs, powerful vocals, and a crushing rhythm, barely holstering their energetic and fierce sound.

As an independent band, they have released 3 successful singles working with Pangea Productions. While playing with a plethora of national acts such as Silvertung, Saving Abel, The Veer Union, Puddle of Mudd, and Doyle, they have also appeared on 3 festivals: Operation Rock Fest, Carolina Uprising, and Metal Fest.

Currently, they are celebrating their latest release, “Rabbit Hole” which is available on all streaming platforms.

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