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  • Jason Hesley

Scarlet Aura releases new double acoustic album and a new single!

We were gifted with the amazing ability and talent to be part of this world that gave us so much, a world to which we owe so much, the world of heavy metal. We had no idea that we can thank to this world in a certain manner but we discovered how to honor it even more than we do it every day and that was by making an acoustic album of our very own heavy metal songs and of the cover songs we love the most. The circle was closed by having this masterpiece “Under My Skin” and there couldn’t be a better song to represent it as a new single with video such as “Glimpse in The Mirror”. Originally released on our Hot’n’Heavy album, this song is one of the most loved Scarlet Aura songs since our very first song that we’ve put out there for our fans.

“Glimpse in The Mirror” is a song that depicts in a very sensible way our own questions regarding life, relationships and regarding ourselves. The question of “who am I truly to myself and to others?” is the theme of this piece of art and now played acoustically it can only give you a deeper sense of this forever search. We hope you’ll find yourself in the mirroring of our song and lyrics and bring you the peace in understanding that You Are Not Alone! The song is written by Mihai “Myke D” Danciulescu in 2018, lyrics by Aura Danciulescu andrecorded at the Silver City Studio by Scarlet Aura in 2021. The video was filmed and directed by Aura Danciulescu. Released via Silver City Records and Universal Music Romania on 22 of April 2022.

“Under My Skin” is out physically as double CD digipak on 22nd of April 2022 via Silver City Records and Universal Music Romania. The full digital release of the album will commence at the later date.

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