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  • Jason Hesley

SCARLET ANGER release the video for "Martyr":

Band explains about the lyrical background of "Martyr":

"The lyrics explore the concept of martyrdom and how one sacrifices to achieve personal goals. The text encourages facing the pains and challenges of life and overcoming one's fears. It emphasizes the need to free oneself from negative influences and the past in order to step into the future.

The chorus speaks of the necessity to accept pain and break free from the chains of the past or one's habits. It's about the ability to detach from external expectations and controls and forge one's own path.

The middle passages address life's challenges and the need to overcome them. It's about dealing with emotions and fears, both positive and negative.

Finally, the last passage presents the idea that the light at the end of the tunnel is visible and that one should seize the opportunities they've been waiting for. It's about the moment of breakthrough and embarking on a hopeful future."

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