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  • Jason Hesley

Scarelight present their debut single of classic power metal - 'Scream Out Loud'!

The darkness surrounds us; on all sides the shadows gather with tooth and claw, blazing eye and frozen heart. There is no place for us in their mechanized world unless we bend our knee and sacrifice our dreams upon their altars of conformity. All that we love, all that we are hangs in the balance and the flame of hope burns low. But we stand together, united in the face of fear, defiant and strong, certain in the knowledge that the future belongs to us. Their greed, their cruelty, their age and corruption must fall before us. Bound as one we stare down their arrogant, soulless gaze and with one voice, one purpose, one belief – we scream out loud!

Scream Out Loud’ is the anthemic single that heralds the arrival of new Greek power metal sensation, Scarelight! Bringing together dancing, energised guitar lines and soaring, emotive, storytelling vocals, blending melodic progressions that lift the heart and thunderous drums that carry you at exhilarating speeds upon waves of adrenaline, ‘Scream Out Loud’ is the glorious epitome of classic power metal! Originally composed by Scarelight vocalist Jimmy Santrazami and guitarist Johnie Athanasiadis when the pair worked together in Emerald Sun, ‘Scream Out Loud’ first appeared on that band’s 2007 album, Escape From Twilight. However, with fans complaining that Escape From Twilight was no longer available on Spotify, Jimmy decided a newly recorded version of ‘Scream Out Loud’, the album’s stand out track, would be the perfect way to launch his new band – Scarelight. Jimmy’s vocals have often been compared to Helloween’s Michael Kiske and the spirit of the golden age of Helloween is certainly alive and well in this thrilling new version of ‘Scream Out Loud’. With its addictive hooks, memorable choruses and breathtaking solos this song will capture the hearts of power metal fans worldwide.

Recorded at Valve Studios and mixed and mastered at Intense Studios by Johny Polydorou and Jimmy Santrazami, ‘Scream Out Loud’ possesses a crisp, vibrant and powerful sound that brings every element of Scarelight’s electric sonic elixir to the fore, while retaining crystal clarity. Accompanied by a stunning video, produced by filmmaker and cinematographer Synodinos Moschidis and brandishing a banner of emblematic artwork created by Felipe Machado Franco (Blind Guardian, Gamma Ray, Blaze Bayley etc), ‘Scream Out Loud’ is the perfect power metal package. And this is just the beginning for Jimmy Santrazami and Scarelight! Get ready to stand proud, stand together – and scream out loud!


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