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  • Jason Hesley

SCAR SYMMETRY - reveal video for 'Xenotaph'!

SCAR SYMMETRY have revealed the video for 'Xenotaph', taken from their latest album, The Singularity (Phase II - Xenotaph). For 'Xenotaph', SCAR SYMMETRY enlisted the help of The Ultraterrestrial Choir - a 233 voice strong ensemble consisting of fans, friends and family from all over the world; with each choir member multitracked the resulting recording consists of literally thousands of vocal tracks!

Guitarist Per Nilsson comments "Xenotaph concludes Phase II in an open-ended way, leaving the listener on a bit of a cliffhanger musically as well as lyrically. We felt strongly that Xenotaph deserved its own music video, to bring closure to this second part of our Singularity saga and to showcase the song to the fullest, and to put the spotlight on our amazing, crowd-sourced choir - it is definitely not the last time we will call upon our fans to sing with us!"

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