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  • Jason Hesley

Saving Vice Announce Sophomore Album With "The Cabal" Single!

Vermont metalcore natives Saving Vice have officially announced their highly anticipated sophomore album Good Days, Dead Eyes with the release of their new single “The Cabal.”

“The Cabal” is the direct follow-up to Blood or Wine? and the second single to be released in anticipation of their sophomore album Good Days, Dead Eyes. It takes everything Saving Vice have achieved to this point and cranks it up to 11. Within the first minute and a half alone, vocalist Tyler Small showcases his impressive dynamic range, transitioning effortlessly between his sinister gutturals and demon-like highs, while supported by the band’s ever-powerful instrumental prowess. After the return of the pseudo-chorus “The phage won’t wipe away…” listeners are treated to the true, soaring chorus in “I feel the fire dancing on my skin / Flickering faster the ritual begins / She’s bending over the pyre, body and soul.” It’s a sort of trick in song structure to hook and guide the listener into the breakdown, where the band never fails to disappoint.

Thematically, “The Cabal” depicts the parallel corruption of both government and music industry elites who manipulate their respective systems to keep themselves on top. “We’ve always been a band that’s been looked down upon by the cabal of the industry for being so unconventional in our approach to doing things, so this song is aimed at those folks who have boxed us and other independent bands like us out as we continue to work hard and ultimately trust our own instincts.” Small continues, “It's a much angrier version of our message from “Broken Window,” a song from our debut record. It felt like the right climate to release the message and it'll be cathartic to get this all out.

“The Cabal” is accompanied by a uniquely unsettling, yet oddly satisfying visualizer created by King Zabb. Good Days, Dead Eyes will feature an additional 10 tracks to the currently released singles and is slated for a May 31st, 2024 release date. In the truest of Saving Vice fashion, all of the writing, recording, producing, mixing, and mastering was completed independently at Hell Here Studios by Robbie Litchfield.

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