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  • Jason Hesley

SAVAGE: Dutch old school death metal squad to release first demo!

Dutch old school death metal squad SAVAGE , featuring multi-instrumentalist Michel Jonker (ex Entrapment, Makiladoras, Suffering Quota, Massive Assault), are pleased to announce the release of their first demo, simply entitled "Demo I". The tape is due out on October 27th, 2023 in partnership with Dawnbreed Records. Today, the demo is premiering at Grizzly Butts. Stream it HERE. The sheer number of burgeoning acts rising from the very floor of the underground of the global metal scene is staggering by all accounts. As such new names that come out of the woodwork can become lost in the muck yet some thrive in that dense obscurity. In that darkness rises SAVAGE whose brand of death metal is nigh on fitting for all that can be found in the depths of the underground. With a thick layer of filth that penetrates everything they summon forth from the riffs to a raw nature that suits this breed of death metal more than perfectly, this is an entrance that many could only ever dream of. Adhering to those old pillars of old school death metal while never once allowing their own flavors to become lost in the mix, the three tracks conjured forth here are of the sort that is sure to catch the ear of any aficionado of the old school should they come upon it. SAVAGE sets forth a tremendous precedent with this brief but promising demo that is but the start of a dark conquest throughout the undergrowth of the lowest levels of the death metal world. Even if SAVAGE were to remain in that darkness, this is the madness that thrives in such blackness where no light can penetrate and where acts like this only fester to become beasts of immense power. Tracklist:

1. Mortal Decay 2. Revulsion 3. Malformation

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