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  • Jason Hesley

SATURNUS to release "The Storm Within" on June 16th!

The crashing of the waves, the lashing of icy rain, and the relentless tearing of the winds, wedged in between the North Sea and the Baltic, the Nordic country of Denmark, home to the band SATURNUS, knows the at times even lethal force of storms only too well.

Yet the harsh conditions of the external natural world can be matched and mirrored by the inner turmoil and the tempests raging in mind and soul. The title of SATURNUS' fifth album, "The Storm Within" is intentionally hinting at both, the inner and outer world. It is quite obvious that the long time it took the Danes to create this album and the personal reasons behind the hiatus very much contributed and inspired its artistic expression.

SATURNUS have outdone themselves with "The Storm Within". The musical themes of the seas, rain, and stormy waters are a subtle presence and guiding thread throughout the songs that reflect anger, loss, melancholy, and pain in equal measure. The fully matured craftsmanship on this album is sublime and extremely dynamic, ranging from moments of calm to brutal outbursts.

The Danes have reached a new level of confidence and songwriting. Anyone looking for comparisons, may try the heart-breaking power of MY DYING BRIDE, the melodic melancholy of AMORPHIS, and the essence of doom metal. But after all, SATURNUS are fully themselves, and the evolutionary lines reaching down to previous albums are all there – they are just even more excellent than before.

Working again with producer Flemming Rasmussen, the legendary Danish producer of METALLICA's classic albums, also ensured that the sound of "The Storm Within" matches its outstanding musical quality.

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