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  • Jason Hesley

Sam Phillips release 'Withered Away' (Extreme Progressive Death Metal)

I have always been fascinated with technology, creating and building things. For that reason, I incorporate my love of technology and creating new things into music. The music I write is influenced by a combination of what I have learned from great composers and my own emotion and personality. Although each piece I write is characteristically different, they all exhibit a methodical and constant change in emotional atmosphere, texture, and intensity. I also enjoy collaborating with friends and other artists to write music that combines our strengths and ideas for new sounds. It intrigues me how people with totally different musical backgrounds can come together and create music that never fails to sound new and interesting. I believe music can be a powerful inspiration that can change lives. Music has enabled me to pursue my goals and is a fundamentally important aspect of my life. The reason I compose is to share my music with others and to show my commitment to furthering the understanding of the cultural, personal, and educational importance of music.

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