• Jason Hesley

Sagenland Premiere New Song "Bladval"

Dutch black metal band Sagenland premiere a new song entitled "Bladval". The track is taken from their impending debut album "Oale Groond", which will be out in stores January 15, 2021 via Heidens Hart Records.

Band statement:

“You could say this album has been in the making for 15 years. This track ‘Bladval’ is even older. With this album, the both of us show the influences of the stuff we grew up with, yet each in our own way, and combined into proper songs. Hardly any band nowadays uses (fretless) bass guitar or vocals in primitive black metal in the way we do. They are our own personal touches that were not that uncommon in the Scandinavian wave of black metal. Hopefully the album will appeal to those into old Ulver, old Dødheimsgard, old Arckanum.”

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