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  • Jason Hesley

SADISTIC FORCE Unleashes "Iron Rite"

SADISTIC FORCE, the blackened speed metal powerhouse, is thrilled to announce the release of their latest track, "Iron Rite," solidifying their position in the metal world with a sound that resonates with the spirit of shred. Formed in December 2020 by James Oliver, the band has evolved from a solo project into a formidable trio with Mike Gupta on bass and vocals, and Rom Gov behind the drums, alongside James's lead on guitar, vocals, and songwriting.


"Iron Rite" is a testament to SADISTIC FORCE's dedication to the essence of heavy metal, a ritual of strength and determination that mirrors the integrity required to wield an iron sword. This release marks a significant step in the band's journey, showcasing a relentless commitment to their craft and the evolution of their sound, influenced by legends like BATHORY, TOXIC HOLOCAUST, and MIDNIGHT.

The band's collaboration with Goat Throne Records will see "Iron Rite" featured on cassette, with additional bonus tracks on the Japanese edition CD of their 2023 album Midnight Assassin, available via Spiritual Beast Records this April. SADISTIC FORCE is not just releasing new music; they're making a statement of evolution and intent, with plans to film a video for "Iron Rite" at Hell’s Heroes Fest in March. The track, coupled with a cover of MOTÖRHEAD's "I’m So Bad (Baby I Don’t Care)" as its B-side, is set to captivate listeners with its balls-out blackened speed metal assault.

SADISTIC FORCE has quickly become a notable name in the Austin metal scene, nominated for Best Metal Band by the Austin Chronicle and earning praise from Banger TV, Moshville Times and The Metal Pit for their dynamic sound that spans multiple metal genres. The upcoming Texas shows in March, including an appearance at the official Hell’s Heroes Festival afterparty, are just the beginning of their 2024 plans, which include more recordings and live performances.

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