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Sacrilegious Impalement drop the album "IV - Infinite Victor" in December!

Tracklist: 1. Reign in Hell 2. Storming Death 3. Infinite Conqueror 4. Coronation of Death 5. Wolves Cry for a Final Battle 6. Fury of Struggle and Slaughter 7. Triumphator 8. Quelling Sanctuary 9. Last Calm of Sentient Flame 10. Winds Howl for Death the Creator 11. AMSG SI IV

SACRILEGIOUS IMPALEMENT, a fierce black metal band from FINLAND formed in 2005 by guitarist, main songwriter Impaler Von Bastard. From the day one the band has offered raw and relentless, cold and blasphemous black metal with skilled music and lyric craft. So far the band has released one demo, two EP´s, three full-lengths among some compilation appearances on their ever strongening path. Also known from their vigorous live appearances, the band has earned and established it´s position in the front of True Finnish Black Metal. In the ranks of the band are or have served members from EVIL ANGEL, URN, EXORDIUM, NEUTRON HAMMER and more.

Formed: 2005 AMSG, Lahti FINLAND by Impaler Von Bastard.

2006 Was the first exhale done when "Total Annihilation" -demo was released.

2007 Soon after the fast soldout demo the band recorded their storming s/t minialbum.

2008 Saw the release of misanthropic 7" EP "World in Ashes".

2009 The band released their first full-lenght album "Cultus Nex", which gained a lot of attention among the people over the world following the underground black metal.

2011 The band released follower for the first full-lenght called "II - Exalted Spectres" which was once again a great proof of their strongening path.

2013 Was the time for pearly gates to be punished again by the unholy pact with Woodcut Records, and yet another stab in the eyes of the holy, the third full-lenght Sacrilegious Impalement album "III - Lux Infera" (which stands for "The Light of Those Down Below, the Dead"). Like a fist from Hell up the arse of the "king" up high, 9 songs from beyond the dormant realms to scar angels in their graves.

2015 "First Three Nails" gathers the very first releases of the band, "Demo 2006" (2006), "Sacrilegious Impalement" (2007) and "World in Ashes" (2008). On this compilation you can hear some long time sold out and some never on CD heard songs + versions of old SACRILEGIOUS IMPALEMENT. Now the band in collaboration with SATANATH RECORDS offers you these rare recordings available again. This compilation is a must purchase for every one who values keeping the true, raw underground black metal flame alive.

In spite of several changes in line up within these years Sacrilegious Impalement has grown stronger through every year and release. SI's rows contains or has seen members from Evil Angel, Exordium, Neutron Hammer, The Crescent, Urn, Vitsaus among others but the core of SI is Von Bastard (guitars, main songwriting), Tooloud (bass), Revenant (drums) and the new vocalist/lyricist Wrathprayer. Known for their intense and fierce live acts, Sacrilegious Impalement has played live in several notable shows like in 2010 replacing Marduk as headlining act in Firebox Metal Fest III, Armageddon fest (Lawless Darkness record release show) in London with Watain, Von, Nifelheim, Repugnant, etc., a tour with Finnish Black Crucifixion + more which not mentioned here and many more to come.

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