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  • Jason Hesley

RXPTRS Announce New Album “Living Without Death’s Permission” Out June 24!

Bristol, UK-based band RXPTRS – who blend rock, metal, punk, and hardcore with a seamlessness that is enviable, creating something that is unique that seethes with boundless energy – have announced their forthcoming album Living Without Death’s Permission, out June 24 via Blacklight Media/Metal Blade Records. Pre-order it here:

The album will come in two vinyl variants. The EU/UK Exclusive is White/Black Marble while the US Exclusive is Transparent Pink.

To celebrate the good news, RXPTRS have dropped the new song “Rock Bottom (Is a Stepping Stone).” Listen here. The video will arrive next week, so stay tuned.

The idea of a world where money and religion meet is ridiculous,” the band, who were tipped by Alternative Press as one of 20 UK bands you need to know, says. “They don’t go together. Spirituality and greed are total opposite ends of the spectrum. So, to see celebrity religious figures on TV asking people to send them money, while they fly around in private jets, makes our skin crawl. ‘Rock Bottom (Is a Stepping Stone)’ is a story of someone who gives their hard-earned money to people on TV – to then realize later in life that it’s all been a scam.

Living Without Death’s Permission track listing: 01. Burning Pages 02. Rock Bottom (Is a Stepping Stone) 03. Dead Awake (Pretty as the Drugs We Take) 04. Demons in My Headphones 05. Collapse 06. Gutterflies 07. The Death Rattle 08. Cold Ground 09. The Frail 10 Let Me Die How I Want

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