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  • Jason Hesley

ROYAL RAGE Take Their Time To ‘Evolve’

Evolve, the new album from Brazillian metal group Royal Rage, takes fans to a dystopian future, where man lost it’s humanity and machinery slaves mankind. Filled with social criticism, Evolve is also a wakeup call for those who are slowly being dragged into the digital world. Social media and the abusive use of cellphones are subjects that are also present on the new studio album.

With the artwork signed by Adel Tavares and album mixed by Russ Russel (Napalm Death, Evile, The Haunted…), Evolve is sure to be a blast for every thrash metal fan. Not only with brutal riffs and fast songs, but Royal Rage engage with lyrics that reflect the modern age and the dangers we must be aware of.

A special note for the song Lampião, which written in honor of brazil’s most infamous outlaw, Virgulino Ferreira da Silva, aka Lampião. His deeds of terror became know through the entire world, in a time that the north east of Brazil suffered with severed drought and no assistance from the government.


01. Dawn Of A New Era | 02. Evolve | 03. Into the Abyss | 04. Virtual Hell | 05. Cheap Addiction | 06. Eyes Of Glass | 07. Khan | 08. Bloodlust | 09. Lampião | 10. Real Dolls | 11. Disease And Decadence | 12. Your Brain Will Fall | 13. Seize The Pain

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