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  • Jason Hesley

ROTTING CHRIST Release New Single "Primal Resurrectoin"

Brothers and sisters of the sacred metal conclave, the time has come once more to unite under the blackened banner of ROTTING CHRIST. With hearts ablaze and spirits untamed, Sakis Tollis and his brother Themis proudly present the towering, gothic anthem "Primal Resurrection" off the newly released deluxe edition of Pro Xtristou.

Watch the official lyric video

Order the deluxe edition of Pro Xristou and get "Primal Resurrection" plus an additional bonus track!

For over three decades, Rotting Christ have harnessed the whispers of ancient gods, crafting symphonies that resonate with the soul of the true metal spirit. Pro Xristou - which fittingly translates from Greek to "Before Christ" - is a blackened testament, a beacon in the dark that celebrates the enduring legacy of the pagan spirit. It ceremoniously weaves historic levels of atmosphere with the valiant roar and fist-pumping melodies that have made this band the defining pillar of Hellenic black metal. 

While Rotting Christ proudly hail from Greece, Pro Xtrisou has brought their iconic sound all over the world. The album has climbed all the way to #7 on Billboard's Hard Music Album chart.

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