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Rickshaw Billie's Burger Patrol announces SXSW shows, Shaky Knees & Thin Line Festivals, plus more!

Austin trio Rickshaw Billie's Burger Patrol announce a set of upcoming shows, including four SXSW appearances, Shaky Knees Festival in Atlanta and Thin Line Festival in Denton, as well as a handful of Texas area dates. Please see all dates below.

RBBP released their new album Doom Wop in September 2022. Hear Doom Wop on your favorite streaming service HERE. Revolver Magazine recently premiered the official video for "Heel" HERE. (Direct YouTube.)

With their 5th studio release, Rickshaw Billie’s Burger Patrol is putting a name to the style of fuzzed out, overdriven, melodic, groovy music they have been making since 2016. In 9 concise, no bullshit songs, RBBP demonstrates their ability to blend the merciless low end of Leo Lydon’s 8-String guitar, Aaron Metzdorf’s masterful chordwork on the bass, and Sean St.Germain’s driving drumwork. Lydon and Metzdorf’s vocal melodies cut through the high frequencies to deliver fresh layers to the hooks that RBBP fans have come to love.

As the name implies, Doom Wop is a heavy, melody-driven, party metal album. With riffs as big and dumb as ever, and lyrics that stab at the worst members of society and ourselves (while keeping tongue firmly in cheek), listeners will find all the elements that make up the soul of RBBP on this record.

Doom Wop is available on CD and download on September 23rd, 2022. Vinyl LP coming in late Spring. Pre-orders are available HERE.


02/26 Austin, TX - White Horse

03/02 Dallas, TX - Three Links

03/13 Austin, TX - (SXSW) Hotel Vegas

03/16 Austin, TX - (SXSW) Kinda Tropical

03/17 Austin, TX - (SXSW) St. Elmo Brewery

03/19 Austin, TX - (SXSW) White Horse

04/21 Houston, TX - Black Magic Social Club

04/22 San Antonio, TX - Paper Tiger

04/29 Denton, TX - Thin Line Fest

05/06 Atlanta, GA - Shaky Knees Festival

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