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REN MARABOU AND THE BERSERKERS' New Album "Tales Of Rune" Is Unleashed!

The wait is over! Irish Viking Metal/Norse Pagan Rockers REN MARABOU AND THE BERSERKERS have released their new album "Tales Of Rune" through United Music Mafia!

Ren Marabou shared:

"So today is the day Heathen Tribe 🛡⚔️🔥

Tales of Rune has arrived so grab your Viking drinking horns, fill them with mead, honour our ancestors and rock out to our new album.

A massive thank you to our amazing team for making this possible United Music Mafia, Split Screen Management, Sean Whitlow, Frank Beaver, Sam Armstrong, Missy Marie, Kathleen Curran, Tarja Virmakari, Kimmo Kuusniemi, Corban Skipwith and to Cassidy Guitars, Skull strings, Iron Age Guitar Accessories, Ibbotson Drums, Fishsticks Drumsticks, Viking Lifestyles and of course our amazing Heathen Tribe for all the support. Have a great Freya’s-day Heathen Tribe 🛡⚔️"

Stream /buy "Tales Of Rune" at

"Tales of Rune" is the Trilogy along side ‘Valhalla Waits’ and ‘SAGAS’, ‘Tales of Rune’ is their most riff filled, head banging, anthemic and energetic album to date. This cranked up Norse Mythology themed album will have you filling your mead drinking horns, and readying yourself for battle. This new album also features vocals by Berserker Cass and Berserkers Tyr on the track ‘Bragi’ (God of Music). All recorded, mixed and mastered in Meadowbank Studios Donegal. Available on all platforms from July 1st including Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music and United Music Streaming 🤘🏻🛡⚔️🔥

Check out album teasers:

teaser #1 -

teaser #2 -

teaser #3 -

teaser #4 -

teaser #5 -

teaser #6 -

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