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  • Jason Hesley

Remains of Destruction release "New Dawn" on May 28th!

The story of Remains of Destruction goes back to the year 2019 when Jesse Yrjölä decided to start a new band. His embryonic idea was to release his new and upcoming tracks with a new group.

At first, Jesse asked his friend Timo Pelkonen to join his new band. They had already known each other for years working together in the same band.

Together they started to create new material and made demos of new songs. At this point, the name Remains of Destruction was also born. When the first demos were made Jesse asked another familiar guy, drummer Janne Ollikainen to join in as the drummer.

This trio released their first single ”Silvery Fields'' during 2020. While releasing a couple more singles during 2021, it could be noticed that the band's music is very versatile, heavy and melodic with symphonic elements. With their songs, R.O.D tells stories about shocking cases of¨modern world and reflects those to post-apocalyptic parallel universe. There have been various well-known themes of the present day in lyrics like Ukrainian war, Covid-19, Afghanistan, deprivation and abundance etc.

During the year 2021 the band got a new member when guitar player Saalas Ruokangas joined in. He has also given his stake as a songwriter for the band. Later that year, R.O.D recruited Osmo Lassila as a keyboard player. With this group R.O.D continued working with new songs for their upcoming debut album.

Bass player Jaakko Saloranta started to take care of the low frequencies in the beginning of 2022 and with that the band had completed their line up. After working really hard for months R.O.D completed their upcoming debut album.

”New Dawn” will see the daylight on 28th of May 2022. In camp R.O.D, everyone are more than excited about the upcoming album release and are looking forward to play shows. They have a strong faith towards themselves as a band and every member has a strong background from music and high skills of their instruments. R.O.D gives their everything for the image and guarantees great live performance.

Track list:

1 · Blood Moon

2 · Final Light

3 · New Dawn

4 · Mastermind

5 · Mankind's Bequest

6 · Gaze Upon The Stars

7 · Northern Stars

8 · Silvery Fields

9 · From Shadows We Rise

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