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  • Jason Hesley

Redouane Aouameur to release 'Fury Flight'

Redouane Aouameur is a metal vocalist from Algiers who has established himself as one of the darkest, strongest most brutal metal vocalists alive. He helped develop the Algerian metal scene and is the vocalist for Metal Age Productions artist Lelahell. He has a legion of followers around the world and has taught extreme metal vocal techniques in various countries. He is a polyglot session vocalist who collaborates as a lyricist in English, French, and Arabic, and has hundreds of recording projects to his name. His vocal samples are featured on the Soundiron software release of Voices Of Rage 2, and his new black metal single "Fury Flight" is set for release in May 2023.

The concept for Fury Flight revolves around a young man who believes he is perfect and adored by all. However, as he ages, he realizes his flaws and attempts to improve them. Unfortunately, every time he overcomes a weakness, he gains a new one due to the changes he has made. This creates a vicious cycle that he pursues until he ultimately succumbs to his weaknesses, leading to his demise.

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