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  • Jason Hesley

Red Elm to release "Arena" on Oct. 7th!

Red Elm have undergone several transformations since they were founded in 2010. A lot happened before they became today’s band, offering a brand of heavy metal that is progressive, introspective, and somber, and sung entirely in Spanish.

After publishing the single ‘Unikorn’ in 2015 and releasing their first album ZERØ in 2017, where they alternated between Spanish and English in the lyrics, it was at the end of the era of their debut album that they decided to reshape themselves and undergo numerous internal changes, as well as to opt for their mother tongue. From that moment on, they would be formed solely by Raúl ‘BuBu’ Morón (vocals) and Dany Valcárcel (guitars, backing vocals).

Now the duo presents Arena, a new album focused on a very digestible side of progressive music, with stoner touches and a marked personality that can also be appreciated by fans of alternative rock and metal. Produced and recorded by themselves, and with a master created between Red Elm and Estudis Crema, Arena, as they themselves explain, “has also meant a before and after on a literary level, as it has been the result of an explosion of experiences, sensations and reflections of BuBu”, being captured in each of the lyrics that give voice to an album that he defines as “sincere, dark, romantic, and universal at the same time”.

With a cover and artwork by Ione Navarro, Red Elm criticize human beings and their actions as a collective, focusing their message on the effect of each wrong step taken that leads to generalized malaise, always wielded in a poetic, emotional, hopeless, and reflective way.

What comes out of Arena is a passionate and direct appeal to those who can and do fight for change. To remain wholesome, loving above all else, even to the point of losing one’s life.

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