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  • Jason Hesley

REAWACAN Reveals Lyric Video for “Sad Serenade”

The German death metal band REAWACAN is ready to unleash his new creature! The EP Pandemic Coverage & Old Schooling will be out on October 23rd and it will be a surprising reflection about the desperate and aggressive moods of the current pandemic.

A lyric video is now available for the song “Sad Serenade” - featuring footage broadcasted during the lockdown period. Watch it in its entirety on the YouTube channel of The Metallist PR!

Far from the modern and extreme concept of Death Metal genre, the German duo REAWACAN comes back after releasing the self-titled debut album in 2019. With this new release (made of two brand-new tracks and two covers) we still find the distinctive elements of the band's sound like the deep but descriptive growl, and a groove-rich drumming (especially for what concerns the bass drum), but also “new entries” like the fretless bass in the song “Into Proliferation” and the great care of the melodies in “Sad Serenade”.

With this powerful and unexpected EP, REAWACAN reaffirms its own musical independence and authenticity for what turns out to be one of the most solid metal releases so far this year.

Pandemic Coverage & Old Schooling is available in streaming and digital download formats on the following platforms:

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