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  • Jason Hesley

RAMBUK have just released The album "Chains"

RAMBUK is hard-hitting heavy metal from Copenhagen, Denmark. The music is in-your-face and does not waste time on soft sections or clean vocals.

RAMBUK’s first EP Beneath The Corpses was released in November 2020 and now the time has come for RAMBUK’s first full length record Chains. The album is released in January 2022 and is a huge leap forward for the band: Chains is bigger, fiercer, has better production (helped by CABAL’s Chris Kreutzfeldt) and most importantly it is pure heavy metal. While the album musically preserves the legacy of the EP, the lyrics explore everything that binds humans and humanity.

Live, the band is dedicated to give their all and energize the crowd to the fullest extent. As their first concert since the corona lockdown, RAMBUK performed on High Voltage in Copenhagen for a full audience on October 29th, and are looking forward to more concerts in 2022.


01 - Confess 4:20

02 - By a Thread 4:15

03 - Icarus Flight 4:21

04 - Sic Semper Tyrannis 3:55

05 - 23 & 1 4:05

06 - Death of the Chosen 3:42

07 - Rats in the Walls 3:54

08 - Hate Me 3:53

09 - Repent 4:36

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