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  • Jason Hesley

Rageful / Ruttenskalle to release the split album, "Misery / Disgorged Exsanguination"

This groundbreaking split album "Misery / Disgorged Exsanguination" combines the talents of two Portuguese death metal powerhouses, Rageful and Ruttenskalle, each bringing their unique voice to the genre.

Rageful, evolving from its roots as "Wall of Death," has solidified its presence in the Portuguese death metal scene with a series of impactful releases and live performances alongside notable bands. Their half of the split, "Misery," offers a fresh perspective on social commentary through death metal, showcasing their refined and aggressive musical style honed over the years.

Ruttenskalle, spearheaded by Paulo Soares and known for its Scandinavian death metal influences, continues to push the boundaries of the genre with "Disgorged Exsanguination." After the release of "Skin'em Alive," the band's lineup solidified, bringing a new level of intensity and creativity to their sound. This EP represents a significant chapter in Ruttenskalle's evolution, promising to captivate fans with its technical prowess and artistic depth.

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