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  • Jason Hesley

Putrid Torso release the track "Undesirable Hypothetical Society"

Putrid Tors is a duet from Basque Country.

They have just released an advancement tune called Undesirable Hypothetical Society from their album Trails of Hypnotized Human Veins, which will be released later this year on 19 October by the label Pathologically Explicit Records. It will consist of eight songs, which means 30 minutes of Brutal Death. The album has been mixed and remastered by JFT Producciones.


Igor Sánchez (vocals)

Ion Santos (guitar and bass guitar)

The drums have been recorded by the Polish drummer Krzysztof Klingbein.


1.The second coming of negative utopia 2. Maremagnum cacotopia 3.The chaotic and pseudo-slave existence of the proletarian turning to a violent revenge against the corporativist businessman 4.Path to avoid 5.Cataclysmic decline 6.Undesirable hypothetical society 7.Devoid morality 8.Kowloon resurgence

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