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  • Jason Hesley

Psychotic Apes release live single "The Shadow Inside" with new vocalist Victor VK!

Psychotic Apes release live single with new vocalist Victor VK. Recorded in a live session at Feeling Studio (Natal-RN), "The Shadow Inside (live)" shows the band live, performing one of their most acclaimed tracks, with the new lineup. The single, again released under the label of the Latin American label Electric Funeral Records, is available on the main streaming platforms.

Guitarist Ramiro comments: "We were anxious to release something with Victor on vocals and we also always wanted to produce live material. We put the two things together and we really liked the result".

"The Shadow Inside" was originally released on the band's first album and addresses the Jungian concept of the shadow and its hold over the individual. The quintet continues to work in the studio and promises new releases soon.

Psychotic Apes is a Brazilian rock band, based in Natal-RN, with influences from grunge, metal, hard rock, punk and regional music.

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